For Schools

Student Mental Health

1 in 6 U.S. adolescents have experienced a major depressive episode1, yet an estimated 80% of these children go without mental health care2.

The support services provided by school counselors, psychologists, and social workers are essential.  Too often, demands on their time put many students in the position of not receiving needed mental health services.

Whether it is a need for more counseling staff, testing, or IEP services, New Leaf Teletherapy is able to work alongside our school clients to provide mental health support to students who would otherwise go unserved.

Teacher & Staff Mental Health

Teacher turnover is at the highest point in the last five years3 with 16% of teachers leaving the profession or changing to a new school each year4.

Current day issues such as large class sizes, safety, teaching requirements, and unfilled positions continue to add work related stress to teachers and school staff at an increasingly high rate.  Combined with personal stressors outside the school environment, it is understandable why teachers and supporting staff are leaving the profession and opting for alternative career paths.

New Leaf Teletherapy works with our school partners to create a customized mental health service plan which meets the unique needs of teachers, administrators, and supporting staff; getting our educators back to doing what they love.

Individual Student Counseling

Our licensed therapists work with students to address various mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, peer relationships, and stress.

Student Group Therapy

Group therapy is an effective way for students to connect with each other and receive much needed support. Licensed mental health professionals lead all our group therapy sessions.

IEP/Special Education

We take a team approach which includes correspondence, engagement, and feedback from school personnel and parents/guardians to ensure that students with an IEP or 504 plan are best served.

Teacher/Staff Support

Across the country, teachers are struggling with safety concerns, large class sizes, and lack of career support. We provide the necessary support to help teachers and staff build the skills needed to thrive in a demanding environment.

Our Goals for Schools

  • Offer flexible scheduling to minimize disruption of busy schedules
  • Provide accessible therapy that helps students and staff alike
  • Help students and staff in the long-term
  • Serve as a single solution for the school’s mental health needs or a supplement to solutions currently in place