Measurement Based Care

Our measurement based care platform visualizes progress results and enhances the therapy process by allowing the expansion of treatment plans, collaboration on focus areas, and ultimately improving therapy outcomes.

What is Measurement Based Care?

Measurement based care is the practice of using routine client assessment data to guide clinical care. Real-time visuals of treatment progress allow the therapist and client to quickly expand or change the focus of therapy to address the highest priority concerns.

Our therapists work to ensure each client comes away from each therapy session feeling strong and better equipped with the steps and skills needed to improve the quality of their own mental wellbeing.

Outcomes of Measurement Based Care

Having the data available to quickly modify treatment plans allows for clients to experience therapy results sooner.

At the company-wide level, decision makers can understand the issues their employees bring with them to the workplace. Employers can use this information to implement training and culture initiatives which provide the most impact and empowerment to their organization. Client identity and protected information is always kept confidential.

Teletherapy combined with measurement-based care allows for employers to build a stronger company with healthier and engaged employees. Contact us today to get started.